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By  Sic Fallacy     8/12/2011 02:03:00 AM    Categories,,, 
Setelah melepaskan 10GB data sulit polis US, dan menggodam beberapa laman portal Kerajaan Malaysia, kini, hackers atau penggodam antarabangsa, Anonymous, kembali lagi dengan sasaran terbaru mereka seterusnya, Facebook.

Dengan menamakan sebagai #OpFacebook, Anonymous telah memilih tarikh November 5th 2011 sebagai tarikh serangan terhadap sistem Facebook. Tarikh itu dipilih sempena memperingati satu serangan yang gagal Guy Fawkes terhadap England's House Of Lord pada tahun 1605.

Persoalannya, mengapa Anonymous mahu menyerang laman sosial terkenal dunia, Facebook?
Menurut sumber, Anonymous mensasarkan facebook kerana menurut mereka, Facebook telah menjual beberapa data kepada agensi-agensi Kerajaan dan memberikan akses haram kepada firma keselamatan untuk mengintip individu dari seluruh negara.

Video mengenai rancangan #OpFacebook telahpun dilepaskan di laman Youtube.

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Attention citizens of the world,
We wish to get your attention, hoping you heed the warnings as follows:
Your medium of communication you all so dearly adore will be destroyed. If you are a willing hacktivist or a guy who just wants to protect the freedom of information then join the cause and kill facebook for the sake of your own privacy.
Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world. Some of these so-called whitehat infosec firms are working for authoritarian governments, such as those of Egypt and Syria. 
Everything you do on Facebook stays on Facebook regardless of your "privacy" settings, and deleting your account is impossible, even if you "delete" your account, all your personal info stays on Facebook and can be recovered at any time. Changing the privacy settings to make your Facebook account more "private" is also a delusion. Facebook knows more about you than your family.
You cannot hide from the reality in which you, the people of the internet, live in. Facebook is the opposite of the Antisec cause. You are not safe from them nor from any government. One day you will look back on this and realise what we have done here is right, you will thank the rulers of the internet, we are not harming you but saving you.
The riots are underway. It is not a battle over the future of privacy and publicity. It is a battle for choice and informed consent. It's unfolding because people are being raped, tickled, molested, and confused into doing things where they don't understand the consequences. Facebook keeps saying that it gives users choices, but that is completely false. It gives users the illusion of and hides the details away from them "for their own good" while they then make millions off of you. When a service is "free," it really means they're making money off of you and your information.
Think for a while and prepare for a day that will go down in history. November 5 2011, #opfacebook . Engaged.
This is our world now. We exist without nationality, without religious bias. We have the right to not be surveilled, not be stalked, and not be used for profit. We have the right to not live as slaves.

We are anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

Nota: Andai betul ini berlaku, saialah orang pertama akan gelak golek-golek terhadap tahi fesbuk disekeliling saia.


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syahirah sabri said...

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